Kika Sprangers touches everyone with her compelling compositions full of melancholy, sumptuous harmonies and strong grooves. Her saxophone playing has been heavily influenced by singers. About this, she says: “Singing is the most direct form of expression for me; the voice itself has a kind of vulnerability and I try to incorporate it into my saxophone playing. ” Get to know the compositions of Kika in this concert and listen to the stories she tells with her saxophone. TIP: Before the concert, participate in the SoundLAB Groove workshop in which the grooves are already forged. 13.00 – 14.00 / Atrium room Muziekgebouw In the concert series Groove Beest you meet real stage animals. Not only do you see and hear them, but you also feel them: no matter how old you are, their beastly grooves will shake you op. Sitting still is no longer an option. So don’t hold back – nothing is weird. Sing, dance and rap with MC Groove Beast and let the beast in you get out! Get up & move to the groove! Get stuck in the groove with this Groove Beest playlist! Je cookie instellingen blokkeren deze content.Pas je instellingen aan om de content alsnog in te laden.