Since early 2015 Space is the Place has been organizing intimate and spectacular evenings focus on jazz, improvised music and beyond, at De Ruimte, a venue in North Amsterdam. After almost five hundred concerts and more than a thousand musicians, the circus occasionally moves across the IJ river. Space is the Place will now take over the BIMHUIS with bands and musicians who have or have not played at De Ruimte, with Fumaça Preta as the headline act. Fumaça Preta (Portuguese for: black smoke) throws all kinds of genres in one hallucinatory mix, from tropicália and afrobeat to psychedelic rock and musique concrete. The Portuguese-Venezuelan percussionist Alex Figueira started the project in his analogue studio in Amsterdam, eventually with the help of two Brits: guitarist Stuart Carter and bassist James Porch. Their music can fly into all directions but often with a solid groove. Sometimes strange combinations work wonders. A golden cocktail: repetitive cumbia rhythms as a basis for explosive jazz freak-outs. The 6-piece Bacchanalia, led by Uruguyan bassist Miguel Petruccelli, makes everybody sweat and everything explode. It’s the hypnotic Spanish-American rhythms and the raw saxophone, guitar and percussion that heat up the band and transform it into a fire-breathing monster. Sleep Gunner consists of guitarists Mark Morse and Jeroen Kimman, whose duo music pays tribute to the heart wrenching country of The Louvin Brothers, known from the legendary album Satan Is Real. Additionally, guitarist Jasper Stadhouders will play a solo set.