Felicity Provan selected a number of exceptional musical personalities for her chamber ensemble, including both younger and established players from improvised music. Narrative poetry and lyrical melody lines flow through various line-ups, from solo to quintet. The five members all use vocals in a lively acoustic line-up that can sound delicate as well as wild and theatrical, and that does not avoid humor, groove and melody. Trumpeter and composer Felicity Provan is an established name in the Amsterdam improv scene. She previously performed at the BIMHUIS with, among others, Sean Bergin’s New MOB, Astronotes led by Joost Buis, Naked Wolf, David Kweksilber Big Band, Trio Achim Kaufmann and Lily Kiara. In her current quintet, vocalist Han Buhrs plays a key role alongside saxophonist Ada Rave, cellist Harald Austbø and percussionist Michael Vatcher. ‘Trumpeter Felicity Provan gave one of the most exciting performances this season at the BIMHUIS with her own quintet, investigating the boundaries between vocals and instruments’ (Jazzism).