Ernst Glerum is a mainstay in Dutch jazz and improvised music as the double bassist in, among others, ICP Orchestra and the Benjamin Herman Trio. Now he will present the book ‘Album’, a combination of drawings he made from his youth until now, together with music recordings that originated in the shed. The book was designed by Suze Swart. Prior to the presentation Glerum will give a solo performance with music and images from the book, in collaboration with video artist Martijn Grootendorst. In Glerum Omnibus the bassist gives way to pianist Timothy Banchet, who’s being recognized as a ‘super talent’, with ‘the whole jazz tradition in is back pocket’ (Jazzenzo). Drummer Jamie Peet ‘lifts the music into the 21st century with his hip-hop and breakbeat-esque licks’ (de Volkskrant). ‘Glerum always remains curious, especially while playing with these young fanatics’ (Groene Amsterdammer).