Erlend Apneseth is respected everywhere because he dares to take new roads with the hardanger fiddle, the 17th century string instrument mainly used in Norwegian folk music. The traditionally trained musician already participated in poetry, dance and film projects. Truly innovative, however, is his trio featuring Stephen Meidall (guitar/electronics) and Øyvind Hegg-Lunde (percussion). For example, they have used old recordings of folk singers and players as samples for new rhythms and compositions, building a foundation for jazz-like improvisation. Without being nostalgic, they connect the past and the present in thrilling live performances. ‘Folk tradition revitalised within a digitised and musically polyglot world. Sinuous melodies, danceable rhythms and enveloping ambient swirls’ (The Wire). ‘The trio’s instruments are expertly and closely woven. A remarkable range of moods and textures, always negotiated with a calm authority’ (Songlines).