Sailing sun with young virtuosos

The encounters with young musicians during the silence of corona have brought Vaarzon a new beginning, a bundling of new types of music, musica nueva. By playing and rehearsing with young top artists in the void that had arisen, a musical top sextet slowly formed before his eyes. He now likes to take these young virtuosos with him because of their talent, daring and originality, which they show at a young age. Rhythm, swirling dance, indie pop, even more rhythm, and above all: the fun of finding each other improvising in a new-found cadence!

To get completely into the Spanish atmosphere during the evening, you can enjoy a sublime tapas menu, presented by none other than Michelin Chef Dennis Huwaë.


Eric Vaarzon Morel

Conchita Boon – nuevo flamenco dancer

ELLE – pop flamenco singer/songwriter

Dámaso Escuariaza – percussion / cajon

Elías Blanco – percussion / cajon

Yannik Sieburg – electric guitar