Beautiful international cross-pollinations occur in Amsterdam, as these two musicians express in this double concert: pianist Loran Witteveen with his trio and guitarist Eran Har Even with his band World Citizen. Time and movement are important subjects on Twin Paradox, the debut album of Dutch pianist Loran Witteveen. Time plays a different role in each of the pieces on the album, which was named after a thought experiment by Einstein. From fugas where the themes are presented in different speeds, to a piece based on the movement of a bouncing ball: Witteveen excels at composing in different time signatures. Twin Paradox was released on the prestigious German label Winter & Winter. The album World Citizen is based on Eran Har Even’s life of traveling. The Israelian-born guitarist learned to be open to different opinions and cultural heritage, and treasures the uniqueness of every person he encountered. All of the experiences and different styles he processes in his music make him unique as a composer, as heard on his album World Citizen. In his eponymous band he plays with double bassist Haggai Cohen-Milo, pianist Xavi Torres and drummer Ivars Arutyunyan.