‘A message to humanity: you have had your chance and you have neglected it. Your world is on fire and you’re like weeds, growing rampantly. We kindly request you to cooperate in the evacuation of your area. This is a one-off request, we repeat: one-off. The evacuation is set on November 14, 2019.’

At the request of literary festival Het Grote Gebeuren, author/musician Auke Hulst and guitarist/band leader Corrie van Binsbergen were inspired by the eponymous apocalyptic story by Belcampo. The result is a literary music theatre show that probes the great moral and political issues of our time. For this performance Van Binsbergen brought together a special ensemble in which Hulst performs himself. The music floats somewhere between country/americana and dark, murky jazz.

Corrie van Binsbergen has developed a unique personal style by combining literature and music into a unique form of music theatre: stories are read live by the author, while at the same time the musical scenario, written on the basis of the stories, is presented as ‘a movie for the ears’. Following the success of her collaboration with Dimitri Verhulst, the time is ripe for Een Groter Gebeuren (A bigger happening).

Auke Hulst wrote prize-winning novels and travel books, including Johnny Idaho and Motel Songs. He’s active as a songwriter and musician as well, both solo and with the group De Meisjes. In June 2018 Auke Hulst won the Bob den Uyl Prijs 2018 for best journalistic travel book, for Motel Songs.