Enfants terribles from the Amsterdam art, music and theatre scenes will turn the BIMHUIS inside out until 5 a.m. The intangible art entity Eddie the Eagle Museum, ant-authoritarian theatre group De Warme Winkel and the youngest branch of improv collective Doek will mix up the three disciplines in a program that will start in the underground parking garage, continue with elevator music, gambling machines and Mozart and conclude on stage. ‘And the main act tonight? YOU!’ LINE-UP: PRACTICAL MUSIC Jasper Stadhouders guitar, Oscar Jan Hoogland machines, playback devices, sirens, record players, analogue synth, electric clavichord, Christian Lillinger drums, CUUUUUMBIA! Super Inka a.k.a. Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti voice, Oscar Jan Hoogland synth, Genevieve Murphy bagpipes, John Dikeman saxophone, Vincent Pino guitar, Miguel Petruccelli bass, Fabio Galleazi percussion, Onno Govaert drums AND MORE TBC!