Saxophonist Trygve Seim

Four well-known players from Scandinavian jazz form the current quartet of saxophonist Trygve Seim. Especially for this line-up he has composed captivating instrumental songs that reach out to the listener, tugging the ear with their overt lyricism, ethereal atmosphere and air of sustained melodic invention. Themes of dedication run through these Helsinki Songs, a set of tunes composed – for the most part – in the Finnish capital, and radiating tributes in many directions. Composer Igor Stravinky and singer-songwriter Jimmy Webb, for example, as well as Trygve’s children and bandmates. 

At the start of the millennium, Trygve Seim made his breakthrough with the album Different Rivers, full of beguiling music reminiscent of the best work of that other Norwegian saxophonist on the ECM label, Jan Garbarek. Since then, Trygve Seim has become a household name in international jazz. He composed for many different line-ups, from duos to big bands. As a natural improviser, he displays influences of his studies in Norwegian and Armenian folk music, and Arabic and Indian classical music. 

Trygve Seim Quartet will perform at the Bimhuis Amsterdam during the seventh edition of Red Light Jazz.