Connecting new music

For his album Methods of Madness, Alexander van Popta dove into the Rotterdam-based studio Paf!, where he had a huge number of instruments at his disposal, from past and present.

The result is his first album under his own name, on which he connects new music with all kinds of sounds and colors from jazz and rock history.

Now he will perform with the musicians from the album, guitarist Jelle Roozenburg, bassist Thomas Pol and drummer Jamie Peet. Alexander van Popta grew up around the record collection of his parents, and the Fender Rhodes piano of his father, even before he started piano lessons.

In his twenties he became leader of the funk/soul/hip-hop ensemble Re:Freshed Orchestra, with which he performed at North Sea Jazz. He played important parts on albums by Ntjam Rosie and Benjamin Herman, and he worked on projects with Trijntje Oosterhuis, Boef, Afrojack, and international greats such as Gregory Porter, Tony Allen en Ghostface Killah.