Jamie Peet (Dominic J Marshall Trio, Glerum Omnibus, Jasper van ’t Hof ¼-tet) and Niels Broos (Kyteman Orchestra, Jameszoo) encountered each other throughout the years in various formations and started jamming during soundchecks, developing the idea for completely improvised live shows. At this moment they’re working on their first release. Dans Dans spices things up with their intoxicating, exciting mix of jazz, dance, dub, rock and film music. This links the band to Belgian festival favorites such as TaxiWars, STUFF. and Nordmann. The three members of Dans Dans have also been part of Flying Horseman, Dez Mona and Mark Lanegan Band. ‘Sand is the fourth album of the Belgian trio. The music on this album is very imaginative with its succession of subtle structures, jazzy phrasing, psychedelic elements, rock and blues, establishing a musical kaleidoscope. Dans Dans live is like an amusement park full of dynamic change, and in the studio they shape their music in a similar adventurous way’ (Written In Music).