Duos like these are exceptionally rare: Bitch ‘n’ Monk and Haanstra & Van Geel create music that yields even more than the already impressive sum of its parts. Bitch ‘n’ Monk is acclaimed for its wonderous combination of electric guitars, Andes flutes, soprano vocals and beatboxing. The duo of British singer/guitarist Heidi Heidelberg and Columbian flutist Mauricio Velassiera earned a ****½-review in Jazzism with the album We Are Peering Over. ‘Exquisite, a kaleidoscope of musical forms (BBC). Viola player Oene van Geel and bass guitarist Mark Haanstra have only recently formed a duo, but have been playing together for over 20 years in bands such as Oxymore Quintet, Mosaic and Bhedam. From explosive Balkan rock to intimate poetic songs: all their musical interests are combined in a natural way.