Deadeye is a brand new supergroup featuring three of the most progressive jazz musicians in Europe. Deadeye takes a new look at the traditional combination of organ, guitar and drums. From a broad musical spectrum, jazz-rock, traditional British folk and 20th century classical music are fused together. With ethereal textures, unpredictable yet danceable rhythms and complex melodies.

Timo Lassy

Tenor saxophonist Timo Lassy is one of the most interesting jazz musicians from Finland. His playing is immediately recognizable by the timeless quality, the solid sound and the catchy riffs and melodies. Timo Lassy leads a trio with Ville Herrala on double bass and Jaska Lukkarinen on drums. Their most recent album Trio from 2021 was released on the Finnish label We Jazz Records. On this album the band shows a new sound, with strings and electronics.

Kid Be Kid

Kid is renowned for her concerts in which she completely enraptures the audience as a solo artist. Beatboxing, vocals, piano and synthesizer, poetic lyrics and rhythmic virtuosity come together in the music of Kid Be Kid. Her unconditional dedication and incredible skills make her performances a must-see. Since the release of her debut album Sold Out in 2017, she has played at major festivals. With the EP Lovely Genders (2020) she confirms her reputation.