The new wave of Flemish jazz musicians keep on breaking pots, pans and fresh ground in numerous bands, often with overlapping line-ups. Of these groups, Donder and BeraadGeslagen present a double concert at the BIMHUIS. Donder questions the classic piano trio in its own way, with extremely dynamic and compelling pieces. Alongside original compositions they cover Elliott Smith on their most recent album Keukenpraat. The three band members are known from groups such as SCHNTZL and Lawaai. ‘A balancing act between minimalist post-classical and avant-garde. Imaginative and courageous’ (De Morgen). BeraadGeslagen is the duo of drummer Lander Gyselinck (STUFF., LABtrio) and keyboardist/singer Fulco Ottervanger (De Beren Gieren): a musical think tank with drums, keys, lyrics and horns. Duizeldorp is their concept album on Belgian municipalities, with fascinating song titles such as Grindbuffel, Beraadbeat and Wolkwerpen. ‘You should see this band live to immerse yourself in its crazy laboratory, where Ottervanger conjures swamby bass tones and sweeping beeps from his three keyboards and where Gyselinck dances around his drum skins like a shaman’ (Knack).