The internationally renowned Dekmantel Festival keeps accelerating step-by-step, year-by-year, serving genre-bending live performances and DJ sets amid the beautiful surroundings and grasslands of the Amsterdam Forest, plus a concert program at several venues located on the river banks of the IJ, featuring electronic and experimental music and acts that have influenced contemporary dance music and DJ culture. On 2 August at the BIMHUIS consecutive performances by: Alessandro Cortini, Laraaji, Terry & Gyan Riley and Pan Daijing. As a member of Nine Inch Nails, Alessandro Cortini is a synth wizard who makes it all look so easy. If you are into analog and modular synths, the Los Angeles based musician is impossible to avoid. His progressions and textures are very similar to those executed in the goth-rock act he forms alongside Trent Reznor, yet the ambient and other-worldly drone bliss will make you fall in love with electronic music, sending you into a totally different mindset full of beauty and despair. Cortini recently released an album with Japanese noise pioneer Merzbow. The astral king of chill — Laraaji — will perform at Dekmantel Festival’s series of opening concerts on Thursday. Laraaji paved a way for meditative, celestial music that plays on the use of reverberated, eastern percussion, chanting – and the occasional bit of a laughter. The new-world, hippy-like provocateur is befit with positive energy, sunshine and harmonies to ensure that your mind and soul become zen-like, filled with all the karma points you need to tackle a whole weekend of debauchery. Terry Riley should need no introduction, as one of the most legendary and iconic minimalist, avant-garde composers of our time – Riley’s ‘In C’ is perhaps one of the most important piece of contemporary classical music from the past century. Following on from Steve Reich’s epic debut last year, we are following tradition in booking some of the most important and formative acts of our era. He’ll be teaming up with Gyan Riley – his son – for a performance of dynamic, conceptual orchestration that will undoubtedly by bathed in beauty, and vivid melody. The two – connected musically and spiritually – have developed a language that allows them to perform off-the-cuff, conceptual works. One of the exciting artists of our era, the Berlin based multidisciplinary artist often explores the world between performance and music, utilizing cathartic ambient textures, noise and techno. 2017’s ‘Lack’ released on PAN was a daring exploration in chaotic textures and soundscapes. Supporting the release Pan Daijing has been setting new standards for experimental live work, with a setting that is as wild as her music.