Ten small music pieces about beauty and decay. Broensgebuzze I-X, a slow precession by sunrise in an unknown Eastern European country, a small prayer in the park, an encounter with an animal, an unexpected nocturnal view into the kitchen of a flat, homesickness … On the occasion of De Beren Gieren’s 10th anniversary, their Broensgebuzzes will be transformed into a narrative mini album. 10 years of De Beren Gieren, 10 preludes. With lots of reverb … Packed with vitality, humor and melancholia, De Beren Gieren look ahead to the future of European jazz with impressionist melodies, energetic drums and unexpected turns. Dutch pianist and composer formed the band with bassist Lieven Van Pee and drummer Simon Segers, who are both from Ghent, Belgium. Their album Dug Out Skyscrapers was chosen as best Belgian jazz album of the year by authoritative news and culture magazine Knack. ‘Bold in attitude and averse to conventions, bringing hip-hop, classical and jazz music to an equal level’ (de Volkskrant).