Filippo Vignato Trio Venice, Italy Trombonist Vignato has been lauded in his home country, winning multiple awards with his pan-national trio. Through the somewhat unconventional combination of trombone, Fender Rhodes and drums the group deftly mix the organic and the electronic for hard grooving music that is as unexpected as it is unpredictable. Trio Heinz Herbert Zürich, Switzerland Threesome who’s exploratory aesthetic centres on their collective intensity of expression. With traces of ’70s free jazz psychedelics and particles of contemporary club culture their electronics-infused, almost telepathic, interplay is all about feel, coloration and texture. Ikarai Amsterdam, The Netherlands Using Muhammad Ali’s famed wordplay as a springboard for improvisation, Ikarai brings the worlds of classical composition and improvisation into the boxing ring, literally. Their music flows through the prism of this famous championship boxing event creating something utterly unique in the process.