Robocobra Quartet Belfast, Northern Ireland Drawing influence from post-punk and jazz improv, this quartet intentionally crosses genre lines to create music that is as unclassifiable as it is artistically uncompromising. Propelled from the drum throne of drummer-vocalist Chris Ryan, gritty and witty incantations, accompanied by swirling reeds, electronics and bass, defiantly rages against the machine. Katu Kaiku Helsinki, Finland A trio that inhibits the fringes of genre, exploring the space between sounds and creating a meditative soundscape that manages to be the opposite of introspective. This is thoughtful music crafted by confident artists, resulting in music that is in many ways an antidote to frenetic modern life. Sketchbook Quartet Vienna, Austria Prog rock, chamber jazz, dynamic ever-shifting rhythms, unusual instrumentation? Check! Vienna-based Sketchbook Quartet freely play with genre stereotypes. Form surf rock to squealing improv, their unorthodox instrumentation and elaborate compositions, combined with their passion, make for a dynamic, fresh and groovy sound.