To gain access to the guitar school of maestro Manolo Sanlúcar takes a special kind of player. David Carmona (Granada, 1985) was discovered by Sanlúcar and was declared ‘the adopted son, the sole heir, the future of flamenco guitar.’ All things considered, he follows in the footsteps of illustrious flamenco guitarists such as Rafael Riqueni, Niño de Pura and Vicente Amigo. A life dedicated to the guitar: it’s no problem for the young guitarist from Granada. ‘When I step on stage, it feels like taking a vacation.’ On his debut album Sueños de Locura (Dreams of Madness), David Carmona creates flamenco harmonies for connoisseurs. When he plays, his strings seem to grasp the notes from the air, loosely combining them into a theme. His compositions are not set in stone and rather like sketches full of the spirit of old ‘cantes’ (hymns), in a free scale, the ‘mixolidio’, which Sanlúcar has taught him to discover new flamenco horizons. His master’s most important lesson? ‘First and foremost, a musician has to be a human being. Music will arise from being human.’