Jazz and flamenco are intertwined for the new generation of musicians in Spain. Daniel García Diego is one of the most important pianists in this area. For his album Travesuras he dug deep into the music of his native country and combined it with the vocabulary of the modern jazz trio, with outstanding energy and virtuosity. The result is an expressive personal style in which rhythmic intensity go hand in hand with melodic wealth and harmonic finesse. Daniel García Diego (Salamanca, 1983) studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston with Panamanian Grammy winner Danilo Pérez, who became world famous as the pianist in Wayne Shorter’s band. Pérez became his mentor and played an important role in his development. Daniel García Diego will premiere his band in The Netherlands in the intermezzo series predating the next Flamenco Biennale. Also dancer Ana Morales will perform with bassist Pablo Martin Caminero and the program of the next Flamenco Biennale will be announced.