Jazz and Flamenco beautifully combined

The young generation of musicians in Spain proves that jazz and flamenco make a happy marriage. Daniel García Diego is one of the most important pianists in this field. For his album Travesuras he delved deeply into the music of his native country, combining it with the vocabulary of the modern piano trio, with extraordinary energy and virtuosity. The result is an expressive style of its own where rhythmic intensity goes hand in hand with melodic richness and harmonic finesse.

Daniel Garcia Diego (Salamanca, 1983)

He studied at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and was taught by Panamanian Grammy winner Danilo Pérez, who achieved world fame as a pianist with Wayne Shorter. Pérez became his mentor and played an important role in his development. Daniel García Diego can be heard in the Netherlands for the first time with his band, in this special 8th edition of the Flamenco Biennale Netherlands.