Swiss pianist Colin Vallon emerged himself in jazz and classical music and distilled his own style from them. He developed new prepared piano techniques, changing the timbre of the piano strings directly. He also composed music for film and dance and he played with, among others, Tom Harrell, Nils Wogram and Kenny Wheeler. Colin formed his trio with two mainstays of the Swiss avant-garde, double bassist Patrice Moret and drummer Julian Sartorius, who has previously collaborated with, among others, Matthew Herbert, Sylvie Courvoisier and Rhys Chatham. Their most recent album Danse appeared earlier this year on ECM Records. ‘This is highly original music, if at first a little baffling. It’s improvised, but it’s not jazz—there’s no swing or blues here-and it moves very slowly. Vallon’s project has something to do with how we perceive time in music—and music in time’ (Downbeat). ‘A breathtaking piano trio’ (Jazzism).