Chesaba We received a tip from Giovanni Sollima, went to a performance, and were instantly sold. Young South African cellist Abel Selaocoe, connecting classical cello with African song and blues, is the offspring of the rainbow nation 3.0. Abel is a gifted cellist, an amazing singer, and an entertainer. While studying at the Royal Northern, he ran into bass player Ali McMath and West African percussionist Sidiki Dembélé, and so Chesaba was born. Jörg Brinkmann Trio Improviser and jazz cellist Jörg Brinkmann is a remarkable phenomenon. He has been a guest at the Cello Biennale several times, for example in 2016, when he appeared in ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’ with Artvark and Claron McFadden. Now he is returning with his own trio, with his long time drummer Dirk Peter Kölsch, and with the most sophisticated jazz pianist in the Netherlands: Jeroen van Vliet.