Feel the musical passion

Charlie Hunter and Lucy Woodward exude fun on stage with their seductive versions of jazz, blues, country and vintage pop songs. They supply them with a fine dose of funk, like on their first album Music! Music! Music! which contains songs by, among others, Nina Simone, Bessie Smith and Blind Willie Johnson.

Charlie Hunter is a phenomenon on 7- and 8-string guitar, simultaneously playing melodies, chords and bass lines while improvising and holding an unmistakable groove. Lucy Woodward has Dutch roots and grew up in New York. She recorded various solo albums and sang with both jazz orchestras and pop stars.

They will be accompanied by Dutch drummer Niek de Bruijn, who joined them on tour regularly lately. Charlie Hunter previously collaborated with Norah Jones, John Mayer and D’Angelo. Lucy Woodward previously collaborated with Snarky Puppy, Pink Martini and Rod Stewart.