Guitarist Corrie van Binsbergen presents a festival that will open your ears and broaden your horizon: the Brokken Festival, with a wide variety of styles in short performances, bringing together young talents and remarkable outsiders with established musicians, alternating hyper-energy with stillness and beauty. ‘An explorative feast’, says Van Binsbergen. ‘The Brokken Festival lets you look beyond your own preferences’ (het Parool). ‘For over three hours a variety of artists appear in almost every possible genre. What they share is their high quality, for which Van Binsbergen obviously has a good nose. A festival with an overwhelming amount of musical creativity’ (Draai om je oren). PROGRAMME set 1 15:00 – 15:45 HALF PLAYSTATION 3.0 Tato Wesselo spoken word Roosmarijn Tuenter viola Rogier Hornman cello student Musician 3.0 tba Corrie van Binsbergen guitar Albert van Veenendaal prepared piano Dion Nijland basS Yonga Sun drums set 2 16:05- 17:00 T.B.C. KAJA DRAKSLER piano solo SPECIAL GUEST (tba) set 3 17:20 – 18:00 TOM AMERICA spoken word/keyboards/films INDIAN ASKIN Chino Ayala vocals/guitar Bart van der Elst keys/vocals Jasja Offermans bass/vocals Ferry Kunst drums