An exciting, rhythmic performance with bolodjo from Benin

Zeynab Abib, who has had a successful career as a pop artist, who also appears in associate artist Angélique Kidjo's Mother Nature, is at the same time an unrivaled Bolodjo star.

The rhythms of the traditional Bolodjo form the foundation for the movements of a spiritual company of masked dancers, the Guêlêdê. According to tradition, the women ask the ghosts for their favors.

Bolodjo Plus

Zeynab Abib sings with a strong, clear voice in the West African language Yoruba about peace, love and solidarity. In her performances she mixes traditional rhythms, song and dance with electronic sounds. She herself calls her performance 'Bolodjo Plus'.

Kidjo: 'This is the real Benin music, the great way of drumming is unique to Benin. We saw her live with this Bolodjo repertoire at the Cotonou stadium and it was amazing!'