Unexpected musical encounters

Unbeknown to each other, two curators are selected from various corners of the jazz and improvised music scene for every edition. They will invite other musicians for an evening of short, adventurous sessions. At every edition they will give a free interpretation of one composition from the Dutch jazz canon. Curators for this edition are Eva Hoogland and Wim Janssen.

Eva Hoogland is a singer of Turkish folk music and free improvisation. Her repertoire comes from different regions and musical styles of Turkey, and she has a special affinity with East Anatolian songs. She studied at the Conservatory of Rotterdam with Kemal Dinç and Zeynel Demir and she comes from a musical family, as the daughter of fortepiano player Stanley Hoogland and sister of improviser Oscar Jan Hoogland, with whom she plays in the psych/folk/funk band 69AY.

As a drummer, Wim Janssen was part of various groups led by his brother, composer/pianist Guus Janssen, including their trio with Ernst Glerum, and Cosmos Pictures featuring Glerum, Michael Moore and Oene van Geel. Currently he’s part of the groups Plots with Ziv Taubenfeld, Frank van Bommel and Joost Buis, and in his trio with Van Bommel and Miguel Petruccelli. Apart from his drumming, Wim Janssen is also a painter, cartoonist and art teacher at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and Design Academy Eindhoven.