How does a musician celebrate 30 years of performing? With music, of course! Guitarist José Quevedo ‘Bolita’ gives himself and his audience a wonderful anniversary present: a Flamenco Big Band, with the unmistakable soniquete, the swing from his native Jerez de la Frontera, the trusted breeding ground of the flamenco. And, better still: it is a traveling big band, taking new form in every new city, with local musicians and influences. At this Flamenco Biënnale, Bolita invited eight wind players of the Bernard van Rossum Big Band, including the band leader/saxophonist himself, for a smashing exchange featuring his three musical brothers Paquito González (percussion), Pablo Martín Caminero (bass) and singer El Londro. This promises to be a magnificent party! ‘Certainly, what José Quevedo ‘El Bolita’ demonstrated at the presentation of Caótico, the show with which he is celebrating his 30 years on-stage along with a Big Band, is that he is one of the best guitarists – or musicians – one of the most creative and intuitive in current flamenco’ (