During the final night of Gay Pride the magical Mayer Manor turns into a Berliner Nachtsalon in the roaring 20s.. a time of open minds, fluid gender roles and sudden affluence after economic crisis. The first World War is over.. a new war is dooming on the horizon, but we are still dancing on the volcano. Although we feel the heat, we keep celebrating our truest selves and dance to the tunes of Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht. 

Two grand international divas will perform this evening in an intimate setting: Claron McFadden and Sven Ratzke.

They’ll sing for you and with you, whisper the secrets of the night in your ear and make you doubt your core identity; are you German, Dutch or American? man or woman? gay or straight? does it even matter? 

Dresscode: come as the gender you feel today 

early bird tickets: 25,-
regular tickets: 29,-
late tickets: 34,-