With the punk jazz project Bughouse, Benjamin Herman fulfills a long-held ambition of bringing together punk and jazz, his earliest musical influences. ‘For years I have had this plan in my head’, he says. ‘I just couldn’t find the right musicians.’ Following a meeting with drummer Olav van den Berg it all fell into place. Olav played in the legendary punk/hardcore bands Lärm and Seein’ Red. ‘He really gathered a following, he’s a unique drummer and a great person to play with.’ The line-up is completed by guitarist Reinier Baas and bassist Peter Peskens. Even though he mainly became known as a jazz musician, as a novice Benjamin was influenced strongly by the DIY mentality coming over from England with the punk in the late 1970s. Another influence Xero Slingsby, the British saxophonist who died at a young age. Living in Amsterdam, he was a rebel with a tight-knit trio that often went busking in the summer. ‘His symbiosis of free jazz and punk and his attitude while performing appealed to me much more than the jazz on radio and TV.’ ‘Furthermore, as a young musician I was immensely charmed by the swag and the style of John Lurie of The Lounge Lizards, a saxophonist and actor who achieved fame trhough his roles in the movies of Jim Jarmusch.’