The lyrical playing of alto saxophonist Ben van Gelder (1988), who was trained in New York, is compared to that of his teacher – and legend – Lee Konitz. The thirty-something is also widely appreciated as a composer: in 2017, he already wrote a composition for the Jazz Gallery in New York. This piece, Among Verticals, was based on a painting by František Kupka. In addition to his own band, Van Gelder forms a trio with guitarist Reinier Baas (The More Socially Relevant Jazz Music Ensemble) and ICP drummer Han Bennink. His style of composition making complements seamlessly with his playing: lyrical and melancholic, with thoughtful structures and harmonies, sometimes abstract, sometimes narrative. For BIMHUIS more than enough reason to award Van Gelder the first composition assignment! The new composition is again based on a visual artwork: this time on Paradís by Marc Chagall. The painting typically depicts the fall of Adam and Eve. “For me, the idea of ??paradise as a walled garden represents a balance between order and chaos: I want to find a balance between writing and improvisation,” said Van Gelder about Paradís. “The harmonic landscape of Messiaen, of unconventional chords, is an inspiration. Images and stories are important elements for me. My mother is a classically trained singer. She has a trio with which she plays Yiddish and Ladino repertoire alongside her own work, music in which the story is central. That shaped me. In addition, I have completed an art history study and therefore visual art is a daily source of inspiration. ” The BIMHUIS composition assignment is part of BIMHUIS Productions. BIMHUIS Productions creates room for the development of relatively unknown but excellent talent, for new ensembles and brilliant compositions, for willfulness, virtuosity and great performances. It supports talents with a vision, musicians who want to achieve something special. These plans can take many forms, from remarkable live productions at national venues and festivals to album releases and international tours.