Collectif Trytone has developed a musical synthesis that breaks down barriers between musics, musicians, and listeners. With adventuresome spirit and passionate artistry, the Collectif brings together an eclectic group of curious musicians seeking to travel between different musical spheres: early music, classical music, jazz.

Inspired by works from J. S Bach, Back to Bach blends a unique new sound by marrying the specificities of the baroque performance practice as well as those of jazz, including their respective styles of improvisation and ornementations. The resulting new and original sound combines interaction, creation, and improvisation. With music based on Bachs St John’s Passion, Cantatas BVW 21/84/127/150, Preludes BWV 924 and 999, a.o.

Lucie de Saint Vincent
 - piano, arrangements
Maribeth Diggle - voice
Joao Driessen - saxophone
Mihail Ivanov - double bass
Joan Terol Amigò - percussion