Natalio Sued proves that free improv and melody do not exclude each other. In 2001 he moved from Argentinia to Amsterdam and he has been playing the BIMHUIS regularly ever since, with all kinds of bands. ‘Natalio’s playing in both tenor sax and clarinet is high-level, unpredictable and generously melodic at the same time’, says Jazzenzo, and journalist Vera Vingerhoeds has noted: ‘The plainness and expressivity of Argentinean folk songs turn out to fit perfectly with complex jazz harmonies and rhythms – at least when Natalio Sued does it.’ Native Speaker has established an eccentric group sensibility and sound that reevaluates the jazz sax-bass-drums formation.

Sax player Natalio Sued’s melody-centric compositions are deconstructed through variation and improvisation. In Antimufa he offers a unique, contemporary vision to Argentinean folk and tango with three other Argentinean Amsterdammers, as well as Martín Sued on bandoneon. ’Antimufa’ literally means ‘against bad luck’. It was the secret nickname of the great tango composer Osvaldo Pugliese, whose music was seen as a talisman for an extra dose of happiness.