Andy Moor’s carte blanche concert, curated by the guitarist himself, consists of two parts. In the first set he improvises with Korean cellist Okkyung Lee, who lives in New York, and British saxophonist John Butcher. Like Moor, they approach their instruments in non-traditional ways and are known for their experiments with acoustics and electronic amplification. In the second set Andy Moor improvises with dancer Valentina Campora and dancer/choreographer Kenzo Kusuda. Andy Moor has a background in the British post punk of the 1980s and he’s a member of Dutch band The Ex since 1990. His energetic, rhythmically oriented playing is characterized by physical manipulation of the strings and parts of the electric guitar. As an improviser he collaborates with artists from different disciplines, such as poet Anne-James Chaton, filmmaker Jem Cohen and DJ/Rupture. He also runs the Unsounds label together with composer Yannis Kyriakides and designer Isabelle Vigier. CARTE BLANCHE SERIES For years, several times each season, the Bimhuis has been offering carte blanche to remarkable talents from the Dutch and international music worlds. Over the years this opportunity to curate a concert evening has led to the most surprising one-off collaborations as well as many new ensembles.