Two renowned Amsterdam based orchestras team up to form one grandiose, colorful company that builds a bridge between Arabic and Jewish culture. Together these musicians create a festive mix of adventurous Chosidl, Chaabi Andalus, Cocek, Tarab, Sirba and, last but not least, the Sufi Andalusi, with its beautiful, mystical solos. You will be enlightened by rattling brass, raging accordion bursts, jubilant reeds and vocal highlights … all from Amsterdam! For more than 20 years, the Amsterdam Klezmer Band has been giving compelling, exciting performances, which inevitably end in big dance parties everywhere they play. These musicians are praised internationally for their unorthodox, innovative and infectious approach of klezmer. The Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra fuses various Arab-Andalusian music styles from the Mediterranean region in a combination of dynamic rhythms, melancholic melody lines and refined improvisations, on both Eastern and Western instruments. After their first encounter on stage in 2018 a beautiful relationship has grown between these two groups. Consequently, the Amsterdam Klezmer Band has invited the Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra to create a new musical program together.