Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra

The Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra fuses many musical styles from around the Mediterranean in an interplay of dynamic rhythms, melancholic melodies and refined improvisations, on both Arabic and Western instruments. The concert "Tree of Being" is an ode to the medieval Sufi poet Ibn Arabi , who believed in the primordial power of trees and regarded them as the perfect creation of the universe. Eight soloists of the orchestra translate Arabi's poetry into music.

The Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra plays various forms of music from Granada to Baghdad, from various periods and in various styles. From the rich Arabo-Andalus repertoire, which originated on the Iberian Peninsula, to mystical Eastern music, sophisticated improvisational music from the Arab world and folk music from the Maghreb. The orchestra has been formed for ten years now by musicians from Amsterdam and Morocco. Over the years, the orchestra has collaborated with renowned musicians from all kinds of genres, from Arabic to jazz and flamenco.