Duke Ellington – his music is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for musicians of all styles and generations. That same goes for All Ellington, a tentet featuring musicians from the flourishing Amsterdam improv scene who are ‘excellent melodists and magnificent sound blenders’, according to founding member Eric Boeren. They tackle Ellington arrangements by various band members. In All Ellington, respect for the original compositions goes hand in hand with individuality and inventiveness, much in the spirit of Ellington’s orchestra back in the day. The expanding All Ellington repertory contains big hits as well as lesser-known gems. ‘All Ellington captures the essence of strong jazz and improv and makes it tangible. Jazz is experiencing wonderful times and it is great to see that The Netherlands are making a valuable contribution to the international scene’ (de Volkskrant, from a review of All Ellington at North Sea Jazz Festival).