The primitive shout of the flamenco, the cante jondo, never fails to move. ‘It arises from remote peoples’, said poet García Lorca. ‘It comes from the first cry and the first kiss.’ Singer Alfredo Tejada expresses this old flamenco tradition with a remarkable sensibility and jondura, deep emotion. Alfredo Tejada is one of the singers of the new wave, loved by aficionados, who has developed into a first-class solo singer after cutting his teeth accompanying major dance companies. Alfredo Tejada has gathered many awards, including de famous Lámpara Minera, the number one Spanish award for flamenco singing at the festival of La Unión. Previous winners include many of the famous singers of today. In the intimate setting of the BIMHUIS he will present an exclusive recital of deep singing, cante jondo, with guitarist Patrocinio Hijo, renowned for his collaborations with singers such as El Pele en Pedro el Granaíno.