On the 4th and 5th of May we think back to the terrible time of the Second World War, and its redemption. While we can celebrate very gratefully that there is no war anymore, there are a lot of other people in the world who currently live in war zones. We would also like to pay attention to them on the 5th of May.

'Maktub' is music inspired by the stories of refugees that Roos Meijer met during her volunteer work in Greece. With this music she tries to generate attention for their situation and spread awareness.

'In the news we only talk about numbers, about a crisis, about a problem. But ultimately it is about individuals, about people. And in my eyes we must try to stimulate love for humanity in these times of fear and hatred. '

All proceeds from the EP 'Maktub' will go to where the inspiration for the music came from: refugees. Roos donates the entire profit to a Dutch organization that - just like she - uses music to help refugees: Sounds of Change. This is an organization that trains aid workers, teachers and volunteers in and around conflict areas to give music lessons to children in refugee camps.

The concert in the Oosterkerk is free, all donations will go to Sounds of Change.