Troll music: a winter fairy tale

Troll music: a winter fairy tale of Selma Lagerlöf by Florian de Backere (narrator) and Helena Basilova (piano). Also suitable for children. A story in which a church organ growls maliciously, and moans, loudly roars and screams. The instrument was once cursed. The organ can only be freed when a simple organist is willing to make peace with the trolls in the forest on Christmas night… This atmospheric winter fairy tale by the Swedish master storyteller Selma Lagerlöf is read (in Dutch) by voice actor Florian de Backere. Pianist Helena Basilova uses her instrument to interpret all the music in the story: the troll music, the cursed organ and the heavenly sounds of Christmas night. Classical piano music from the far north (Edvard Grieg); fairytale sounds from the Far East (Sergei Prokofiev). Writer Selma Lagerlöf is known for “Nils Holgersson”.

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