The Titans Beethoven and Mahler

Beethoven and Mahler wrote great symphonies. In this concert by the Sweelinck Orchestra, Beethoven's fifth and Mahler's first symphonies come together. Beethoven's fifth symphony is known as the 'Symphony of Doom' due to the famous motif 'ta ta ta taaa'. Mahler's first symphony is known for the excessive use of 'signals' and Vader Jacob in a minor key.

'Titan' by Jean Paul Richter

Mahler's first symphony is named after Jean Paul Richter's novel 'Titan'. In this the main character succumbs to his own nature. Mahler also succumbed to his nature: musical genius. This made it difficult for him to maintain his position as a civilian. This also bothered Beethoven. Due to his increasing deafness, he preferred to be in nature rather than among his fellow citizens. Thus, both composers can be seen as 'titans', not only because of their great symphonies, but also because of their resemblance to the protagonist of the novel.