Star Wars: Live in the Concertgebouw

Go on a musical space journey this summer. After standing ovations for the first two Star Wars movies, it's now time for the sequel Return of the Jedi . In this third installment of the saga, we continue our adventure with Luke Skywalker, R2D2, Han Solo and Princess Leia. You can see the film on a big screen and the dazzling soundtrack is played live by the Residentie Orkest. Just like last summers, Dirk Brossé is the conductor.

Return of the Jedi

In the third Star Wars movie, Luke Skywalker is tasked with destroying a new, even more dangerous Death Star. Meanwhile, he hopes to free Darth Vader from the Dark Side. Flashy lightsaber duels, mythical space battles and special friendships – composer John Williams brings them to life in his exciting music. He won an Oscar for his soundtrack for Return of the Jedi .

Dirk Brossé

After more than 150 Star Wars concerts, Belgian maestro Dirk Brossé is the Star Wars conductor. John Williams himself approached him to lead the Star Wars, a Musical Journey world tour. With Return of the Jedi , Brossé explores new corners of the galaxy.