One night in 1772 the fire brigade raced through the streets of Amsterdam to put out an enormous fire at the Amsterdam Theatre on the Keizersgracht. The fire was reportedly so wild that it was possible to read the time from the clock on the Westerkerk tower and the flames were visible from Haarlem.

Only a few decades earlier, on the 7th January 1738 to be precise, the theatre was celebrating its 100th anniversary! The whole town was abuzz in anticipation of the event. It was such a special occasion that the already famous composer and virtuoso violinist Antonio Vivaldi was commissioned to write a violin concerto for the celebrations!

Amsterdam Corelli Collective is proud to announce that this project, which will bring together the history of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Schouwburg, and will be directed by today’s very own violin virtuoso Shunske Sato (Dutch Bach Society). We will be telling the story of this city and its theatre in a period where culture and Amsterdam flourished.