A celebration between two countries

Twenty-one singers and musicians arrive on stage to jointly explore our shared past. From the beginning of the Dutch East-India Company (VOC) to the birth of Indonesia. How do we all view the history of the former colony? 

How can these events be appropriately positioned? The concert is a ritual experience to commemorate the history and to celebrate the new relationship between Indonesia and the Netherlands.

The musicians of Ensemble Multifoon play on an arsenal of monumental bronze gongs and keyboard instruments, together with Fie Schouten on bass clarinet and Emma Breedveld on violin. The Neon choir and the two vocal soloists Bernadeta Astari and Ilyass Nadjafi sing poetic texts that shed light on the relationship between the two countries from different perspectives. 

This is all led by conductor Fokko Oldenhuis. The set decoration includes copper art objects by fashion designer Karin Marseille. The resonation of this polyphonic history is thus expressed in this performance.