About René van Sluis

After the end of his successful singing career that has brought him on the big stages in Europe: Cologne, London, Birmingham, Antwerp, Brussels, Verviers, the Scala of Milan and repeatedly in the Royal Concertgebouw of Amsterdam, he decided to focus again on studying piano.

When René van Sluis is asked why the piano again?
« Singing and playing the piano are in one line to me. Bel Canto, which you hear in Bellini arias (Casta Diva), resounds in the melodic lines that Chopin wrote in e.g. his nocturnes. Chopin sent his pupils on singing lessons. In the breath of singing lies a large affinity with the beautiful legato arches, so common in the many melodies of all his works. This can lead to a deeper connection with the stillness and the melancholy what this music so deeply asks for. »

After the concert you will have the opportunity to buy his CD « Chopin, Schumann, Brahms » recorded in May 2018.