Mary is the woman most depicted in art history, and she inspired numerous songs. Chamber choir Photonen will perform Regina!, a varied concert programme dedicated to Mary. The central piece is Concerto per la beata vergine by Belgian composer Vic Nees, with oboe solo. Also on the programme are the beautful and serene Salve Regina by Poulenc, and Salve Regina / To the mothers in Brazil by Larsson/Eriksson.

Tavener wrote Mother of God, Here I Stand, an iconic piece echoing the orthodox world to which he felt connected. Jeroen Spitteler composed The May Magnificat, a small delicate piece for female voices, to a poem by Gerard Hopkins Manley. Ave Maria by Victoria for 8 voices offers fine polyphonic splendor and contrasts with the unisono, pensive Ave, Generosa by Hildegard von Bingen.

Rachmaninoff’s Concert for choir gets us back to the 19th/20th century.

Soloist is award winning young oboist Samuel Agustín Aguirre.
Conductor: Jeroen Spitteler
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