The Beethoven Year 2020

has unfortunately gone awry. Fortunately, his anniversary is extended by six months. The perfect opportunity to play the string quintet in C major. He wrote it in Vienna in 1801 and is not inferior to his much more famous string quartets. As the proud ambassador of the string quintet, this work belongs at the top of Penta's repertoire list.

Also in 1801, fellow composer Luigi Boccherini wrote his string quintet, also in C major, more than two thousand kilometers away. Quite coincidental, but the differences couldn't be greater. Working at the court outside Madrid, Boccherini lived quite isolated from European musical life. While Beethoven was already looking ahead to Romanticism, Boccherini was still very much associated with the Baroque.
It is unlikely that the two greats ever met. With this concert, entirely in C major, they meet each other after all. No less than 220 years later, on stage with Penta.


2 violins, 2 violas, 1 cello
The musicians of Penta, in addition to their love for the 18th and 19th century chamber music repertoire, share a great affinity for historical performance practice. The experienced Penta players stand for inspired teamwork, special programming and an appealing presentation. Moreover, Penta is specialized in historical performance practice.

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