Mozart Piano Quartet

The Mozart Piano Quartet named itself after one of the pioneers of the… piano quartet! Mozart, after having played at 'quartet parties' for some time with Haydn and others, wrote the Piano Quartet in G . A rather expressive and 'difficult' work for the time, which later grew into a public favourite. That is also the German Mozart Piano Quartet, which gives concerts on almost all continents.

Saint-Saëns and Dvořák

Two more compelling quartets by Saint-Saëns and Dvořák. Which are beautiful and surprising. The Mozart Piano Quartet will play Dvořák's Second Piano Quartet alongside an early work by Saint-Saëns. The 'beautifully balanced, often gossamer structures of Saint-Saëns' were made for the ensemble, Gramophone thought. The foursome 'evoke the ghost of their namesake'.