The members of these duos are all known as versatile musicians, inventive composers and excellent improvisers. They have collaborated in numerous bands and projects and are respected players in the Dutch music field. Saxophonist Mete Erker and pianist Jeroen van Vliet will perform songs off their album PLUIS, the result of 30 years of intensive collaboration. PLUIS (fluff) is soft, tiny and vulnerable. But also noise and bits, between the cracks, a tickle in the nose. Open and clogged up. On the skin, under the skin, in your bellybutton. The music on PLUIS sounds visual and poetic. Sometimes wry, but never from a dark place. Beauty predominates, with hidden counterpoint. ‘Erker and Van Vliet form one of the most pleasant improving duos in The Netherlands’ (de Volkskrant). Philipp Rüttgers and Oene van Geel present challenging improvisations on the occasion of their album Changing Landscapes. Their inspiration ranges from punk to John Denver to contemporary music. Outside of music they share inspirations as well: they are concerned with nature and fellow humans, they love technology and science and they love collaborating with other art forms such as dance and visual arts. Changing Landscapes appeared on Native DSD Records, the label known for its exceptionally high recording quality in combination with many years of musical know-how.